When you have a plan, then you are in control

The ATHLETE plan suits:
  • Lower budget
  • Highly motivated individuals used to organize their time and every-day-life.
  • Athletes that are making the transition from  “Working-out” to “Training” or from “Training to “Competing”.  (Check-out our analysis in the article COMPETING – TOTAL SUPPORT)
  • Athletes targeting for General Physical Preparedness (without a certain sport of interest) and/or health targets (Reducing Weight, Strengthening, Increasing mobility, Rehabilitation, etc).
  • Someone who wants to start and needs to try our service

The 15day period between communications, is enough time a) for the athlete to get familiar, adjust, “get busy” but also create a list of questions and concerns and b) for the coach to get a “sufficient sample” of results in order to make adjustments. As the athlete gains experience, 15days will seem more than enough, so the communication turns into a more “educational” and an “in-depth analysis” of results. So the athlete – coach relationship gains strong base, what makes the training plan firm from all theoretical and practical aspects! ex. Analyzing nutrition during training, everyday habits or the results of a certain training session.

  • At the same time, there is the option of “direct line to the coach”, for unforeseen issues that may come-up, that demand for action or adjustments.
If you are an energetic and highly motivated individual with time to invest in your evolution, the ATHLETE plan is your starting point!

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