Board of Professionals
Individualized Plan
Combined or Stand-alone
Sport.Systems is an individualized training service, that can help you reach your goals:

Faster, Easier and while keeping you Safe!

  • You are an amature/hobist, or a podium chaser/ interested in that little “extra something”, our team of professionals is ready to help you and give you what you need!
  • NOT JUST A COACH, but a BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL SCIENTISTSevaluate and design with-you/for-you, an individualized training plan and the way to monitor it step-by-step.

That plan can be:

  • Your full training plan (this is supported only in specific sports – check the list below) or
  • Combined to your existing training protocol (your training plan designed be your coach, trainer or team)

IT can give you all the training you need or fill-in the gaps wherever they are! (Physical Preparedness, strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, accuracy, endurance, speed, agility, power, balance, special skills etc).