Your Unstoppable personal and athletic evolution, is the key to your future

The PROFESSIONAL plan suits:
  • Athletes that live by the motto “Success matches no cost“.
  • Athlete that will not compromise with “Excellence” when they can reach “Perfection”
  • Athletes that are making the transition from “Training” to “Competing” or from “Competing” to “Podium”and need: a) either real time support due to the variability of their everyday life and obligations or b) to work on the “details” that make the champion.  να κυνηγήσουν τις “λεπτομέρειες” που κάνουν τον πρωταθλητή. (Check-out our analysis in the article COMPETING – TOTAL SUPPORT)
  • Athletes that prefer having the Coach side-by-side to their quest
  • Athletes that are interested in a sport with numerous and variable factors that affect training or athletes that compete professionally or regionally.
  • The “connection” and participation of the coach (Coaching) in this plan is of the highest level as well as the benefits which are limitless.
  • Executives that are used to seek optimization to their athletic life as they do to their professional one.

Everyday and direct contact through Viber/WhatsApp as well as Telephone, leaves no room for mistakes and doubts. An unexpected change, a hard day, the weather etc. not only they do not affect training, but make the benefits -in comparison to the competition- maximal. The coach monitors the athlete day-in and day-out, acting preventively. Performance as well as execution is taken into account together with evaluation of the athlete’s abilities. Over/Under estimations are eliminated as well as “laziness” which lead to optimal adjustment of workload. Overreaching phenomenon is at the highest level, whereas overtraining is almost non-present. (see explanatory article in our library).

  • Daily communication with the coach is subject to a policy pre-defined during the design of the training plan and common sense.
  • In cases where the need for communication exceeds the limits of the “Sports.Systems PROFESSIONAL” plan, the coach may ask the athlete to upgrade to a specially designed plan for the case
The way to the Top, personally and Athletically, leaves no room for lost seconds, inches, grams, repetitions, this is the reason we have created PROFESSIONAL

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