Every time you train, you learn something new

The PERFORMER plan suits:
  • Average budget
  • Highly motivated individuals, but at the same time with a lot of everyday duties and to-dos.
  • Athletes that are making the transition from “Working-out” to “Training” or from “Training” to “Competing” and need frequent support due to their difficult everyday schedule and or many obligations. (Check-out our analysis in the article COMPETING – TOTAL SUPPORT)
  • Atlhete targeting for General Physical Preparedness (without a certain sport of interest) and or health targets (Reducing Weight, Strengthening, Increasing mobility, Rehabilitation, etc), that feel the need to train with easier/faster access to the coach’s feedback.
  • Someone who knows that will need frequent adjustments and changes due to variable everyday life or kind of sport and/or targets (weather, competitions etc.)
  • Ideal value-for-money!

Weekly communication but most importantly the ability of Instant Messaging through Viber/WhatsApp, saved time from the “everyday heroes”. A change in shifts or a business trip, a hard day that depleted the energy levels or weather as a restricting factor etc. combined with a strict “window of opportunity” (“Coach, I only have 1 hour to train, because I left the office late, what should I do?!”). Having the coach available in an instant, makes the difference between evolving and staying the same, between “feeling free” and being “grumpy”!

  • Instant communication with the coach is subject to a policy pre-defined during the design of the training plan and common sense.
  • In cases when instant communication is frequent and crucial, coach may ask the athlete to upgrade to the “Sports.Systems CHAMPION” plan or another specially designed plan for the case
If you want to “Keep an ace in the hole”, invest in your peace-of-mind and free-time, so that you can chase your athletic and everyday dreams, PERFORMER is your weapon of choise!

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